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We carry fish tank supplies, betta fish supplies, frozen fish food, and so much more to keep your pets happy and healthy.

Get Fish Supplies “Near Me”

Are you searching for a “fish supply store near me?” You’ve come to the right place. We have the widest selection of affordable, premium brand fish supplies for your fresh or saltwater tank.

Our dedicated staff can help you find the right product for your unique aquatic ecosystem. We are a family-owned and operated local pet store in the Watertown, WI area.

The Experience You Need

There are hundreds of different freshwater and saltwater tank fish species, and each species has its own needs to keep them happy and healthy. The staff at big box stores just can’t cut it for your fish tank’s ecosystem.

At Pidder Padder Paws, our team has the knowledge you need to help you manage your fish. We pride ourselves on our commitment to serving animals of all species and helping them live longer, fuller, happier lives.

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All of the Fish Supplies You Need

We carry a wide selection of fish supplies for both freshwater and saltwater fish. No matter what your fish tank supplies you need, we are here to help.

Superior Pellet and Flake Food

The type of food you feed your fish plays an important role in their physical wellbeing and longevity. We carry only the best quality of food. Some of the products we offer include:

  • Tropical fish flake food
  • Goldfish flake food 
  • Shrimp pellets

We are also a supplier for Aqueon, a premium fish food brand developed by a passionate team of experts. Their lineup includes goldfish, color-enhancing, tropical, marine, and spirulina foods. It comes in pellet form and is more easily digested than flake foods. Fish love variety in their diet, so don’t be afraid to try new foods.  

We also carry an extensive selection of:

  • Algae Wafers for bottom feeders
  • Cichlid food for mini and regular size cichlids
  • Freeze-dried foods including bloodworms and krill

Frozen and Freeze-Dried Fish Food

We are a retailer for Hikari, a premium frozen and freeze-dried fish food manufacturer dedicated to providing the highest quality food for your fish. Their foods are species-specific, so you know that your fish is getting the best nutrition possible for their individual needs. They craft frozen food for:

  • Koi and pond fish
  • Goldfish
  • Tropical fish
  • Cichlids
  • Marine fish
  • And more.

Their recipes include all of your fish’s favorite prey, including:

  • Bloodworms
  • Krill
  • Daphnia 
  • Mysis Shrimp
  • Brine Shrimp
  • Baby Brine Shrimp
  • Beefheart

Talk with one of our experienced staff members to find out how frozen and freeze-dried diets mimic your fish’s natural feeding patterns and maximize their overall well-being.  

The Best Water Treatments for Your Tank

You want the best environment for your fish, and we want to help. Clean, properly filtered, oxygenated water is essential for all fish species. We carry all of the water treatments your fish need to breathe comfortably. All are made by brands you already trust, including:

pet fish supplies in watertown wi
  • API Accu-Clear to make your water crystal clear
  • API MELAFIX-an all-natural antibacterial solution
  • API PIMAFIX-an antifungal to protect your fish from infection
  • General Hydroponics pH Down-to stabilize the pH of your water
  • And many other water conditioners
  • Nets for gently removing fish while you clean

Fun, Attractive Tank Accessories and Decorations

Part of the fun of having fish is selecting tank decor that meets your style. Whether you are looking for natural plant-life or colorful, fun decor for your children’s fish, we have something for you. We carry betta accessories, weeds, logs, and everything else you need to jazz up your tank.

The Brands You Already Love and Trust

We carry only the best brands for your fish, including:

  • Aqueon
  • Hikari
  • API
  • And many more

Conveniently Located with the Widest Selection of Fish Supplies

Some stores sell a little bit of everything. We sell a lot of what you need for your fish. We know how frustrating it is to drive to a big box store, only to find out they don’t have what you need and cannot order it.

At Pidder Padder Paws, our staff will make sure you have everything you need for your fish. If you aren’t sure, feel free to call ahead, and one of our friendly associates will be able to help you quickly.

We also guarantee affordable, fair pricing on all of our products, so you never have to sacrifice affordability for convenience.

How It Works

Step 1: Visit Our Conveniently Located Store

We are right in Watertown for your convenience. No more driving to a big box store that might not have the product you need or want for your fish.

Step 2: Let Our Friendly Staff Assist You

Many people underestimate the knowledge it takes to care for fish properly. With dozens of tank fish to choose from, it can be easy for even the most experienced fish enthusiast to get overwhelmed. No matter what your level of experience or how big your tank is, we can help. We are animal lovers first at Pidder Padder Paws, and we care about your fish.

Step 3: Come Home to a Happy Pet

Your fish appreciates everything you do for him. We want to make sure you have everything you need to make his world happy and healthy.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Naomi C.
Naomi C.
Great place for all of your pet supply needs.Friendly and helpful staff.
Max C.
Max C.
Great selection of good quality items for your furry friends!

Affordable Pet Care

At Pidder Padder Paws, we know how important your pet’s health and wellbeing is to you. We make it our mission to price our products fairly, so you are sure to find the right product for you at a price you can afford.

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Are You Ready to Get the Best Products for Your Fish?

We have the widest selection of fish supplies out of any local pet shop. Let our friendly and dedicated staff help you find the right products for your pet.

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