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We're a general pet supply store in Watertown, Wisconsin that makes sure you're hooked up with value pet supplies at all times. Swing by Pidder Padder Paws, one of the best pet supply stores in town, and grab all the items you need for your furbabies.

Premium Food, Toys, Treats, and Pet Grooming Supplies

Your furry friends deserve the best of the best. After all, they’re a member of the family and that means that they should be treated that way too!

Rather than searching up google terms such as “dog supplies near me” or “pet supplies near me”, shop from a local pet shop that you can count on to carry all the products you need!

At Pidder Padder Paws we believe in making sure that every pet has the best pet supplies possible. That’s why we’ve created a retail store that gets your babies all the goodies that you’re looking for. 

Browse through our shelves and find every kind of pet supply that you need. 

Find a Pet Food That Your Furbaby Will Love

Food is one of the most important pet supplies that you’ll buy. Luckily, at Pidder Padder Paws we’ve got food for even the pickiest of pets! Grab great brands, including: 

  • Fromm
  • American Premium Natural
  • Stella & Chewys
  • Nutri Source
  • Orijen
  • Merrick
  • Daves
  • Eagle
  • Wellness

With us, you know you’re getting your favorite brands of pet food so that you can keep Fido feasting for days.

Keep Your Dog Busy With Tasty Bones

We have a huge selection of chew bones for your chewers. Plus, we keep our shelves stocked with a large selection of non-rawhide chews:

  • 100% collagen chews
  • Beef Bully chews
  • Beef Cheek chews
  • Lamb Chews
  • Pig Ears from a butcher shop
  • No-Hide Chews made from Brown Rice
  • Real smoked bones from the butcher

We also carry stuffed bones and chews from popular brands such as Jones, Redbarn, Frankly, Natural Craving, Benebone, Nylabone, and Superior Farms. No matter what brand you prefer, we’ll make sure your shelves are stocked with delightful bones. 

Maintain Your Pet's Oral Hygiene

Our dental area has a variety of possibilities. We carry Water Additive solution for Fresh Breath and help keep the tartar from forming. We have sprays that actually take the plaque and tartar off. We carry dog toothpaste for brushing your dog’s teeth and we have dental bones and toys.

Shop some of our popular brands, such as: 

  • Tropiclean
  • Petrodex
  • Red Barn
  • Whimzee
  • Plague Off
  • Petz Life
  • Ark Naturals
  • Yummy

We’ll make sure that your dog’s teeth are clean and cared for so that you can avoid expensive trips to the vet or unpleasant doggy cavities.

Have Fun With Furniture, Carriers, Toys, and Pet Supply Extras

pidder padder paws watertown wi pet store


We have Crate liners to Big Plush Orthopedic beds. They come in squares or rounds in a variety of colors giving you plenty of options to choose from!

pidder padder paws watertown wi pet store

Collars/ Leashes/Harnesses

We carry an assortment of solid color collars with metal buckles or plastic clips. We have some patterned collars as well so that you can show off your dog’s style. Our Harnesses are a variety of soft step-in harnesses and we sell convenient No-Pull Freedom Harnesses.

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We carry plush stuffed animal toys and have an excellent selection of dog puzzle toys for all levels. We have a Huge selection of VIP toys which have their own rating scale of toughness. That way you can keep even the smartest dogs entertained for hours with fun and engaging toys.

We carry West Paw that has an awesome selection of the tougher toys for chewers. All these products are made in the USA, so you know you’re supporting local. Plus, our Ruff Dawg products are also made in the USA make for some wonderful tough toys.

Plus, shop squeakers, balls, frisbees, and other engaging toys that puppies and old dogs alike will love!

Keep Things Clean With Supplements and Grooming Supplies

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We have a large selection of Glucosamine products which is great for the Hip and Joints. We have Salmon Oil, Krill Oil as well as Ultra Oil which is great for shedding, skin, and coat, and it’s also an anti-inflammatory.

We carry Fido Vite which is a great supplement for the whole dog. It works from the inside out and helps the whole dog from the head to the toes. We carry Angel eyes and NaturVet for Tear Stain issues and Adored Beast Probiotics and Herbsmith Probiotics for dogs who need more whole-body support.

Shampoo/Brushes/Nail Clippers

We carry several different shampoo companies to meet your needs. They are gentle and good for your pets, leaving toxins and added chemicals out of the picture.  We carry Tropiclean, Earthbath, Nootie, Isle of Dog, and a couple of other trustworthy brands.

Our brush line is for all the different styles of fur. On top of that, we have nail clippers for the very small dog to the very large dog. We also offer simple flea and tick choices, stocking everything from natural Wondercide sprays to essential oils based control. 

Frozen Pet Supplies

We have a selection of raw bones we get through a butcher shop. We also carry frozen goat milk from Primal and Answers and yogurt from Nuggets Healthy Eats, and The Bear and Rat.

Open Farm also has frozen goat milk with a purpose; one with digestive benefits, relaxing, and antioxidants. And, we carry frozen Primal Broth. We will do special orders for raw food people want, making it easier than ever to store away healthy pet food for your furry friend.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Kari S.
Kari S.
Very nice ! Owners are wonderful.
Jordan B.
Jordan B.
We love this place so much. They have more inventory than Bad Dog Frida in Madison (my other favorite) and the staff is super helpful.The frozen marrow bones in the back freezer are the best. The same thing will cost you $20 at Bad Dog Frida, but at Pidder Patter they are around $5. They also have lots of toys, food, and treats.

Buy From a Local Pet Store You Can Trust

Stop picking the first shop to come up when you type “dog stores near me” into Google. Instead, buy from a trusted team.

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