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We are Watertown, Wisconsin's premier supplier of quality cat food, cat toys, and even supplements. A healthier, happier cat starts at our friendly local pet shop!

Give Your Cat What It Really Wants

Every cat owner needs three things: a place for their cat to curl up, food to feed them, and toys to keep them occupied, active, and mentally stimulated. At Pidder Padder Paws, we know your cats are your life because we’re pet owners as well.

Everything we stock in our boutique Watertown pet shop is curated with a keen knowledge of what cats love and what they need to achieve optimal health. When the question is “cat food near me,” the answer is always Pidder Padder Paws.

Cat Food

Whether wet, raw, freeze-dried, or classic kibble, the best cat food brands honor your feline's needs as an obligate carnivore. However, choosing the proper food for your cat is an individual experience. To ensure you find the exact cat food you need to let your fluffy friend thrive, our Watertown, WI local pet shop is stocked with the biggest brands in cat care.

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Fromm is considered the gold-standard of all-natural gourmet cat food. Our customers love Fromm because of the brand’s quality ingredients and commitment to innovation. When your cat gets its tongue on Fromm, there’s no going back.

Stella & Chewy

Stella & Chewy has gained significant popularity in recent years, and with good reason. This brand’s raw, freeze-dried morsels offer your cat a convenient grain-free raw diet. What’s better? You can use Stella & Chewy’s freeze-dried range on top of your cat’s regular kibble for a varied and nutritious dining experience.


Earthborn is the king of holistic feline food. Composed of wholesome fruit and vegetables, Earthborn’s range of grain-free cat food is as delicious for your cat’s palette as it is nutritious for their gut.


If you’ve been a member of the raw cat food revolution, chances are you’ve heard of Rawz. Unlike some of the brands mentioned above, Rawz still contains meat. The result? The quality of meat and hydration your cat craves.

And More!

Those are just a few of our favorites; we also carry Fussie Cat, Pura Vita, Chicken Soup for The Soul, Daves, Weruva, Greenies, Tiki Cat, Cat Craves, Vital Essentials, and Pure Bites.

Our staff understands that every cat is unique. If you’re considering switching your cat’s diet but don’t know where to begin, we will be happy to discuss options with you!

Cats Just Want to Have Fun

Not only do we stock the top brands of cat toys, carriers, and accessories, we source them at discount prices. Then, because we’re so kind, we pass those savings on to you! Why go to a big-box retailer when you can support a family business that has your cat’s well-being and your wallet at the top of their priorities?

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Cat Condos

We have the best prices on cat condos in Watertown! If you have an active cat who craves stimulation, a cat condo is a must-buy. Give your feline friend a place to relax and play of their very own. When you visit Pidder Padder Paws, we’ll guide you through our selection of cat condos and find the perfect one for your precious pet!

pidder padder paws watertown wi pet store

Cat Wands

Pidder Padder Paws has an unrivaled selection of cat wands. Jump, run, fetch, and pounce with your cat as you treat them to the greatest addition to the toy box yet!

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Interactive Cat Toys

While cats occasionally flaunt their self-reliant nature, that doesn’t mean they don’t want you to get down and dirty with them. If you have a clever indoor cat, you must keep them on his or her toes. Pidder Padder Paws has a range of interactive cat toys that allow you to give your cat the gifts of exercise and mental stimulation. Improve your relationship with your kitty with: 

  • Catnip toys 
  • Scratching toys
  • Dental toys
  • Wild mouse toys 
  • Balls
  • And more! 
pidder padder paws watertown wi pet store

Catnip Brands

If you’re sick of feeding your cat the same old tired treats, freshen up the routine with catnip. Catnip is a dried herb that elicits a strong response from your cat when inhaled. Depending on the type, it can be either a sedative or a stimulant. Pidder Padder Paws carries organic regular and raw catnips brands your cat is guaranteed to go wild for!

  • Kong 
  • Ethical 
  • Mad Cat 
  • Petlinks 
  • From the Field 
  • Yeow! 

Supplements and Cleaning

After you’ve had your fun, keep your cat healthy and your space clean with our kitty supplements and cleaning supplies.

Hairball Formulas

We stock: 

  • Tomlyn 
  • Natur Vet
  • Cocolicious 

Other Supplements

  • We carry KMR Milk Replacer for cats with sensitive stomachs
  • For joint problems, we have Natur Vet brand
  • Trouble getting that pill down? Pill Pockets to the rescue 
  • If you struggle with an anxious cat, Pidder Padder Paws has holistic calming sprays

Shop Local | Why Us

pidder padder paws watertown wi pet store

Sure, you can order all the cat care products you need online. But where’s the fun in that? While shopping online wins for convenience, you can’t be sure you’re getting the best food, toys, and accessories for your cat’s unique needs. Choosing to patronize a local Watertown pet store like Pidder Padder Paws gives you the opportunity to discuss pet care options with friendly experts and walk away with supplies that genuinely fit your feline.

Watertown Loves Us

Join hundreds of your Watertown neighbors switching from bland big-box retailers to Pidder Padder Paws. Our reputation is cemented by our company-wide commitments to superior customer service, cleanliness, and care for our client’s animals.

Here’s what Watertown has to say about Pidder Padder Paws:

What Our Clients Are Saying

Naomi C.
Naomi C.
Great place for all of your pet supply needs.Friendly and helpful staff.
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Max C.
Great selection of good quality items for your furry friends!
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